By removing the complexity from 3D capture REACH3D's current breakthrough technology -- Single Light Path 3D HD -- is lowering costs and allowing development of both new applications for stereo 3D as well as those previously thought impossible or impractical.

Singe Light Path 3D (SLP3D) is created when REACH3D’s patented module is integrated into a single “eye” (single lens). No longer is the traditional “right eye” / “left eye” system required to produce stereo 3D.

Traditional 3D capture methods are expensive, very complex and labor intensive to manage and place great limitations on creative / operational freedoms. REACH3D’s SLP3D technology frees 3D capture from those restraints once and for all.

Unique Characteristics of Single Light Path 3D

  • Zero Learning Curve – your system operates as it always has – but now in 3D
  • Simpler to Maintain – ½ the equipment of a traditional 3D system
  • Less Operator Fatigue – less weight and smaller size than traditional designs
  • Unique Imagery Output – content appears 2D until put on 3D glasses
  • Minimal Operating Power - perfect for battery powered operation
  • Traditional 3D Capture Issues Removed

  • Lens Alignment – only 1 lens used – nothing to go out of alignment over time
  • Lens Matching – only 1 lens needed
  • Focus/Zoom Synchronization – only 1 lens for F/Z use
  • Camera Output Synchronization – only 1 camera system used
  • Highly Adaptable

  • Supports lens diameters from 4mm to 400mm (and larger)
  • Works with white light, certain IR and other light frequencies.
  • Module is silent and capable of extremely fast frame rates
  • Optical stability – allows reliable mathematical transform calculations
  • Further Capabilities

    When combined with REACH3D’s other innovative technologies Single Light Path 3D applications can also provide:

  • Personalized Visualization – enhance or diminish the 3D effect in real time
  • 3D recordings
  • Live transmission of 3D over IP networks
  • Multiple supported image formats: still images, real time High Definition and Cinema
    Definition and ultra-high resolution (4K)

    Single Light Path 3D Applications

    Just a few of the many possible applications include:


  • 3D Endoscopy
  • 3D Microscopy
  • Surgical Robot vision systems

    Military/Defense/Law Enforcement

  • Unmanned vehicle vision systems (especially effective for UGVs)
  • Soldier worn devices
  • Manned vehicles - Data gathering, back up camera, etc

    Machine Vision

  • Industrial Robots
  • Automotive Systems
  • Domestic Robots
  • Agricultural Robots
    Note: SLP3D’s optical stability allows for reliable measurements and mathematical transform calculations.

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  • HD 3D technology for the OR providing, faster, safer and more profitable procedures
    Finally, cutting edge and affordable unite with REACH3D's signage solution
    Double or even triple your effectiveness with 3D output from your current 2D systems.
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