Draw, Dwell, Do

  • Draw: 3D digital signage (no glasses needed) or 3D events (glasses needed) offer huge crowd appeal
  • Dwell: Viewers of 3D out of home spend much longer with the messaging
  • Do: Customer Activation rises when viewers spend longer with the content at the engagement level 3D provides

Let REACH3D ensure that your advertising dollars provide the most comfortable 3D imagery and most effective 3D solutions for your target audience.

REACHForward 3D Digital Signage Player

A software player that offers great flexibility and lower operating costs by:

  • Utilizing content from any stereoscopic/auto-stereoscopic content provider
  • Outputting in multiple stereo formats including auto-stereoscopic/Multiview, anaglyph, stereo, etc
  • Providing up to 120 FPS playback
  • Offering simple and quick integration into existing CMS solutions
  • Working with all 3D monitors
  • Playing compressed stereo and auto-stereo content (less bandwidth and storage)

Versions include:

  • REACHForward 3D FS: Stereo and auto-stereo playback
    • Full screen playback only - up to 1920x1080p
  • REACHForward 3D DS: Auto-stereoscopic digital signage
    • Allows multiple zones of imagery through templates or custom configuration
    • Playback of 2D and 3D simultaneously in multiple zones
    • Displays content from live RSS feeds in 3D and accepts feeds of live 2D video
  • REACHForward 3D DSx: Auto-stereoscopic video wall player software
    • Driven by a single computer, it can operate up to 12 screens


Lite version CMS for small networks or event based usage of auto-stereoscopic monitors, video walls or stereoscopic projection or LED systems.

  • Offers user ability to define screen groups, their frame layouts, schedules, playlists as well as media items for the individual frames

Event Marketing Enhancement

When large screens are required stereoscopic (glasses needed), 3D is currently your only option. REACH3D can provide content in anaglyph format, turning your scoreboards and large LED screens into a glasses-needed 3D display as well as providing solutions for standard stereoscopic enhancement of sporting events, concerts, branding opportunities and much more.

Benefits of 3D Digital Out Of Home:

  • Instantly differentiate your messaging from all others in the area
  • Greater comprehension of your message
  • Extended retention of your message
  • Drives word of mouth (viewers will talk about the great 3D ad they saw)

Along with player software and content creation, REACH3D provides bundled packages of hardware and display products. Available auto-stereoscopic (no glasses needed) display equipment range in size from 7" to 50"+. Stereoscopic (glasses needed) display systems are also available.


REACH3D Wins Best 3D-Based Product Award at DSE

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