Enabling systems and processes with Stereoscopic 3D provides added value and is effective across multiple industries. The ability to see in multiple dimensions allows the mind to:

  • Grasp information quicker
  • Make more accurate distinctions
  • Recognize relationships between different data sets in a more profound manner.
The Absorb3D team works with both our client's internal systems and their customer focused offerings. The team can enable virtually any of an organization's internal visualization system(s) with the ability to provide its output in a Stereoscopic 3D format that is physiologically-correct (extremely important when viewing content for extended periods of time).

The team's expertise can also be utilized to bring Stereoscopic 3D enhancement to existing B2B or B2C products or services or create new ones. REACH3D provides this service on a consulting basis for internal systems and as a partner when developing new or enhancing existing products or services.

Prime candidates for this service include:

  • Standard and Virtual Reality training systems
  • Medical visualization systems
  • Consumer / Commercial radar products (fishing, mining, etc)
  • Complex information displays (enterprise level data, stock market data, military analysis, etc)
  • Tactical information management (mission planning and execution, real time situational awareness data enhancement)
  • Many more

Absorb3D: A Recent Project

Stereoscopic 3D is now available in many hospital operating rooms for laparoscopic and robotic surgery. However, only the surgeon can see in Stereoscopic 3D and the 3D output, due to particular system designs, cannot be “piped” to a standard 3D monitor. This caused several issues including:

  • Limited training opportunities for other surgeons (as they could only watch the procedure on 2D monitors)
  • Longer surgery procedures as nurses and other physicians had only 2D monitors for viewing and needed to move very slowly with no depth of field when switching out instruments
  • The inability to record the procedure for later playback in stereoscopic 3D

The Absorb3D team worked with our client to develop a new solution that included:

  • Creating a middleware product that provides the ability for real-time adjustments to non-standard 3D signals to enable their use on a standard 3D monitor or 3D TV
  • Designing the specs for the hardware to be utilized and building the first few units
  • Utilizing our relationships with the leading 3D monitor manufactures to create several bundled system options
  • Supporting multiple sales presentations and upgrades/changes based on customer requirements
  • Providing initial user documentation and tech support services

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