• Single Light Path 3D HD Endoscopy / Microscopy System
  • Leonardo 3D Vision System

  • Single Light Path 3D HD Endoscopy

    REACH3D now offers a 5mm 3D Rigid Endoscope system that provides true, native HD 1920x1080 3D imagery. Its ground breaking optical design ensures that all imagery is crisp and clean. REACH3D’s advanced 3D software (included with system) allows surgeons to record in 3D as well as capture 2D and 3D photos.

    Dramatically Increasing the Universe of 3D Procedures

    Specialties requiring small diameter endoscopes such as Neurology, Pediatrics, Spine, ENT, and Arthroscopy can now receive the benefits of HD 3D endoscopy including:

  • Safer Procedures – HD 3D Depth reduces opportunity for accidents
  • Greater Efficiency – 3D provides certainty of movement = less procedure time
  • Potential for Faster Recovery – Smaller diameter = smaller incision

Plus the system also provides these same advantages to all laparoscopy procedures.

Benefits to Surgeons

Surgeons are excited about the innovative system as it is the only 3D endoscope in the world to provide:

  • Zero Learning Curve – Operates in the exact same manner as 2D endoscope
  • Personalized Visualization – Enhance or diminish 3D effect in real time
  • Unique Imagery Characteristics – Appears 2D until put on 3D glasses
  • Freedom from Bad 3D – design removes all opportunities for Bad 3D
  • Improved Training – 3D recordings provide “in-depth” procedure review
  • Benefits to Hospitals

    Hospital Administrators can now own a 3D endoscope system with:

  • Lower Operating Costs – Utilizes standard endoscope consumables/accessories
  • Simpler Maintenance – Half of competitors’ components & more stable over time
  • Greater Value – (1) 3D endoscope included in price, An Industry First!
  • Greater Utility – Universal 2D endoscope head available – One-system-does-it-all allowing 2D HD use of flexible, semi-rigid and specialty scopes
  • 3D Microscopy Adapter

  • Plug and play – further enhancing the utility and value of the 3D system
  • Enhanced Team Dynamics – Now everyone has the same 3D view as the surgeon
  • As a part of the SLP3D system it offers all the Benefits to Surgeons noted above

  • Leonardo 3D Vision System

    Only Robotic Surgeons can access a 3D view during surgery. The surgical team (who also interact internally within the patient) are provided only 2D views. This disparity in view format has caused slower procedures, greater opportunity for mistakes and limited training opportunities - - Until Now

    Key Features

    • Uniquely Capable – Developed through extensive interviews and OR participation with leading robotic surgeons
    • Shared View – Allows the surgical team to see the same 3D visuals as the surgeon
    • Personalized Visualization – Enhance or diminish the 3D effect in real time
    • Enhanced Surgeon Training – 3D recordings provide “in-depth” procedure review
    • Content Playback – Immediately during surgery, after procedure or after editing (once removed from LEO by USB)

    Key Benefits

    • Faster Procedures – More patients seen per day
    • Safer Procedures – Lowers chance of accident
    • Advance Team Dynamics – When team and surgeon see identical visuals communication is more efficient – less stress for team
    • Education content – Easily created and edited for training, conference or patient education

    To learn more about the advantages of one or both of these system or to schedule a demonstration please click here to contact us.

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