REACH3D to Develop innovative 3D Endoscope with Parallax Devices

Single Lens 3D endoscope will broaden 3D utility across all endoscopic procedures

July 20, 2012 (Atlanta, GA) - REACH3D, an S3D industry innovation leader, has partnered with Parallax Devices, a California based firm and provider of specialized endoscopic technology, to bring to market Single Lens Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) systems for Rigid Endoscopes and Surgical Microscopes. These systems will combine REACH3D’s advanced S3D visualization technology with Parallax Devices patented IP for creating stereo from a single lens.

Parallax Devices’ specialized endoscope technology allows the bifurcation of a single optical path in order to isolate two separate views concurrently while REACH3D will contribute its advanced 3D visualization capabilities including real time recording and transmitting in S3D as well as the ability to enhance or diminish the 3D effect in order to adjust for the surgical teams level of comfort with S3D and/or support S3D visuals for the most delicate of procedures.

“The only competing products in the marketplace require dual lens systems whose smallest diameter endoscopes are 10-12 mm. Our 3D endoscope system can currently utilize 5.5 and 4mm scopes and prototypes have reached 2mm. This dramatically increases the different types of procedures able to be performed” noted CEO and founding partner Clif Parker. “We believe we have a strong product that once launched, will quickly become an operating room standard for minimally invasive procedures.


REACH3D is changing the way we interact with our world by bringing stereoscopic 3D out of the movie theater and into our everyday lives as a potent and effective productivity tool. As a 3D industry leader REACH3D offers a complete solution for 3D DOOH needs including Digital Signage and Event Marketing. Its Absorb3D division supports markets as diverse as Military, Medical, Consumer Products, and Education by using its years of S3D experience to enable virtually any product, service or process with the power and utility of stereoscopic 3D. As an innovation leader REACH3D continues to bring new products and services to the markets it serves.


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