REACH3D Debuts World’s First 5mm 3D HD Endoscope Product Line at American Urologic Association Annual Meeting

Single Light Path 3D technology allows leap forward in surgical efficiency

May 17, 2014 (Orlando, FL)- - The largest meetings of Urology professionals in the world is a fitting place for the initial presentation of SoloSIGHT 3D, the world’s first 5mm 3D HD endoscope. REACH3D’s Single Light Path 3D HD Endoscope product line provides a number of breakthrough features for 3D endoscopy.

“Our reception at the show thus far has been phenomenal,” said Clif Parker, CEO of REACH3D. Urological surgeons from around the world have shown strong interest in the technology as well as a large number of domestic and international distributors.

Among the many benefits brought by REACH3D’s ability to create 3D HD from a Single Light Path (one “eye”), some of the most important are:
• Zero Learning Curve – The endoscope is operated exactly like a 2D endoscope including the ability to rotate the scope 3600, yet provides 3D HD imagery. Surgeons no longer have to change their surgical process in order to receive the benefits of 3D.
• Unique Imagery – The imagery appears as 2D until 3D glasses are used. Gone are the days of Blurry / Ghosting images that are of no value. Now visitors to the OR can always have at least a clear 2D image to view and 3D is only a pair of glasses away.
• Light Weight and Small Diameter – The Single Light Path endoscope is identical in weight to a 2D endoscope (far lighter than current competitor 3D scopes). At 5mm in diameter, the SoloSIGHT platform brings 3D to surgical specialties whose requirements for small diameter scopes previously meant that 3D was not an option. These include Pediatrics, Neurology, Orthopaedics, Spine, ENT and many others.


REACH3D is changing the way we interact with our world by moving stereoscopic 3D technology out of the movie theater and into our everyday lives as a potent and effective productivity tool. As an innovation leader REACH3D continues to bring new products and services to the markets it serves including SoloSight, the world’s only Single Light Path 3D HD Endoscopic Platform. REACH3D also supports markets as diverse as Military, Medical, Consumer Products and Education by using its years of S3D experience to enable virtually any product, service or process with the power and utility of stereoscopic 3D.


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