REACH3D Acquires Parallax Devices’ Single Lens 3D Technology

IP purchase consolidates resources in development of Single Lens 3D Endoscope

December 06, 2012 (Atlanta, GA)- - REACH3D, an S3D industry innovation leader, has acquired Parallax Devices IP portfolio which is solely focused on IP to enable Single Lens 3D. This IP will continue to be used in the development of REACH3D Medical’s Single Lens 3D systems for Rigid Endoscopes and Surgical Microscopes. S3D will allow for simultaneously safer and faster procedures.

According to Clif Parker, CEO of Reach3D, Parallax Devices’ patented Single-Lens 3D technology is far superior to competitive offerings, and now serves as a cornerstone for Reach3D’s offerings. “The endoscopic images produced using this system are simply stunning – finally surgeons will have a tool for full 3D/HD imaging using endoscopes initially sized at 4 and 5.5mm but quickly getting as small as 2mm in diameter which will dramatically increase the types of procedures now able to utilize 3D/HD!”

Kevin May, CEO of Parallax Devices, was equally excited about the benefits Reach3D’s technology portfolio presents to Parallax Devices’ medical offerings. “Reach3D brings advanced 3D visualization, 3D recording and 3D IP transmission technology, plus a strong, established market presence. These are exactly the resources we need to successfully launch this innovative, life-saving technology.”

Mills Vautrot, VP for Reach3D, notes that pent-up demand for this medical technology is significant. There is universal concurrence that 3D technology is an imperative for the fast-growing endoscopy field, but prior attempts have been burdened by problems with equipment size, image quality, usability by physicians, etc. “Physicians attending 3D demonstrations all ask the same question: How soon can I get one?”

Mr. Parker ended noting that 3D/HD Endoscopy/Microscopy is the perfect arena to introduce this technology to the marketplace as REACH3D’s total commitment to success first within the stringent requirements for medical products will engender confidence in the Single Lens 3D technology from other industries such as cinema, industrial vision, defense and law enforcement.


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