Breakthrough Single Light Path 3D Endoscope Allows Much Greater Surgical Utility

HD 3D Rigid Endoscope System includes several industry firsts

April 29, 2013 (Atlanta, GA) - REACH3D Medical, a division of S3D innovation leader REACH3D, announces the eminent release of its Single Light Path HD 3D system for Rigid Endoscopes. 3D endoscopy provides simultaneously safer and faster procedures by improving spatial orientation and hand/eye coordination, enhancing suturing, grasping, dissection, and more.

3D Endoscopy utilization, however, has been limited by both the 10-12mm diameter of the current 3D endoscopes and the issues inherent in dual light path 3D systems. REACH3D Medical’s HD 3D Endoscope System resolves both areas of concern at virtually the same cost as 2D endoscope systems.

The REACH3D Medical endoscope system, offered initially with a 5.5mm 3D endoscope (with capability to go below 3mm), dramatically increases the procedures able to gain the benefits of 3D including neurology, spine, pediatric and orthopedic procedures as well as Single Incision Laparoscopy and many more.

Clif Parker, Reach3D CEO, notes the patented technology of the Single Light Path HD 3D Endoscope System provides hospitals tremendous utility and savings. REACH3D offers for the first time in the industry:
• One 3D endoscope included
• 2D and 3D recording and photo capturing
• Ability to transmit real time imagery over the internet (for virtual proctoring and lower training costs)
• Ability to alter the amount of 3D depth in real time
The universal 2D camera head, also included, allows operation as a standard 2D system for specialty and flexible endoscopes, providing a one system does it all utility.

Kevin May, REACH3D CSO, explains that pent up demand for this technology is significant. There is universal concurrence that 3D is the future of endoscopy. However dual light path 3D technology issues, such as long term lens alignment and synchronizing of focus, zoom, and outputs of two camera systems, have made adoption problematic. The Single Light Path 3D system resolves all these issues while providing lower purchase cost and lower cost of ownership.


REACH3D is changing the way we interact with our world by bringing stereoscopic 3D out of the movie theater and into our everyday lives as a potent and effective productivity tool. As a 3D industry leader REACH3D offers a complete solution for 3D DOOH needs including Digital Signage and Event Marketing. Its Absorb3D division supports markets as diverse as Military, Medical, Consumer Products, and Education by using its years of S3D experience to enable virtually any product, service or process with the power and utility of stereoscopic 3D. As an innovation leader REACH3D continues to bring new products and services to the markets it serves.


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