REACH3D tapped by 3D Surgical Solutions to include its technology in new product for Robotic Surgery enhancement

S3D Technology to enable the entire medical support team to finally see in 3D as well

August 18, 2011 (Atlanta, GA) - REACH3D, an S3D industry innovation leader, has been chosen by 3D Surgical Solutions as a development partner in creating a device whose purpose is to bring the benefits of stereoscopic 3D (S3D) to the entire surgical team that supports Davinci Surgical Robot procedures. Currently only the surgeon sees in S3D and the team must perform all tasks using standard 2D imagery.

This new product (working name Leonardo) will allow surgeries to both be safer for the patient and progress at a much quicker pace (as the lack of S3D visualization for the surgeon’s support team causes them to move quite slowly) thus raising the patient’s quality rating of the hospital, potentially lessening patient recovery time and creating greater profits for the hospital as they perform more procedures in a given period of time.

“Following 3D Surgical Solutions directions and utilizing its years of S3D experience and know how REACH3D’s Absorb3D division will build a software/hardware solution that will not only bring the entire team the ability to view the minimally invasive procedure in S3D but will also record the activity and even transmit in 3D to other locations across the internet”, noted founding partner John Barnett. We look forward to the challenge and to a strong long term relationship with 3D Surgical Solutions.


REACH3D is changing the way we interact with our world by bringing stereoscopic 3D out of the movie theater and into our everyday lives as a potent and effective productivity tool. As a 3D industry leader REACH3D offers a complete solution for 3D DOOH needs including Digital Signage and Event Marketing. Its Absorb3D division supports markets as diverse as Military, Medical, Consumer Products, and Education by using its years of S3D experience to enable virtually any product, service or process with the power and utility of stereoscopic 3D. As an innovation leader REACH3D continues to bring new products and services to the markets it serves.


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