Single Light Path 3D HD Endoscope Available for Surgical Robots

Surgical Robots enhanced by technology’s ease of operation and simplicity of design

July 3, 2013 (Atlanta, GA) - REACH3D Medical, a division of S3D innovation leader REACH3D, is now available to support requests from Surgical Robot Manufacturers (SRMs) regarding integrating its technology into their robotic systems. Minimally invasive surgery utilizing 3D vision provides simultaneously safer and faster procedures by improving spatial orientation and hand/eye coordination; enhancing suturing, grasping, dissection and more.

The Davinci surgical robot’s success has spawned a global race to build both specialty robotic systems (focused on either niche procedures or minimalist design) and direct Davinci competitors. However each has a commonality – they must provide a way to view inside the patient.

REACH3D’s Single Light Path 3D HD Endoscope System is a perfect match for use as Surgical Robot vision systems given the synchronicity between its design and SRMs needs due to the Single Light Path 3D technology’s ability to:
• Lower cost, complexity and long term maintenance of robotic systems
• Remove multiple levels of effort typically necessary to ensure surgeon receive proper 3D imagery
• Provide smaller incisions for standard robots and smaller over all profile for Single Incision Laparoscopic Systems
• Record and transmit to remote locations in 3D

Mills Vautrot, REACH3D EVP, explains that “Beyond our Single Light Path 3D technology REACH3D’s long history with “glasses-needed” and “no-glasses-needed” 3D displays, its ability to both design the visualization systems required in robotic surgery training and provide the 3D training content make REACH3D Medical a one-stop shop, further enhancing our value to the SRMs.

“REACH3D Medical’s standalone 3D HD endoscope system already encompasses all the components required for a Surgical Robot visualization system and was built with the needs of Surgical Robot integration in mind. Only slight modifications are required to fully integrate into a Surgical Robot allowing SRM’s an expedited path to market entry”, noted Clif Parker, REACH3D CEO.


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